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Effects of Reno truck accident injury lasts for years

Thinking about the possible dangers that could befall one out on our roads and highways, what comes to mind? One big danger is semi-trucks, and other commercial trucks that can be involved in truck accidents. Truck accidents cause serious injuries or even death to Reno motor-vehicle drivers and their passengers. While the event itself is terrifying enough, it generally does not end there. Serious injuries can negatively affect a person’s life for years and in different ways.

Commercial trucks are particularly dangerous due to their size and speed at which they travel. Even traveling the speed limit can be too fast for some semi-trucks. Speed, driver fatigue and load weights can all play a role in causing a truck accident. Truck maintenance could have been neglected, which could have played a role if the truck malfunctioned and causes it to lose control.

In short, there are almost endless instigators that could have been behind truck accident injuries. There are potentially multiple parties at play who could be held responsible for their negligence, by contributing to the crash.

No ill will need be involved at Bradley Drendel and Jeannie. We know just how devastating these truck accident injuries can be on a person’s life. Accident injury can put a person out of work, cause them to have severe medical issues and even steal their cognitive abilities.

This can amount to lost wages, soaring medical expenses, loss of loved ones and destruction of property, just to name a few outcomes. The ramifications of truck accident injury can be like a domino effect, cascading down on a Reno family at the worst moment. This is why one should consider seeking reparations for their injury, loss and suffering due to serious injuries.


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