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Seventeen dead so far in 2017 Nevada motorcycle accidents

Nevada is a great state for motorcycles. The long stretches of straight, flat roads in the desert before one hits the mountains can be great for cruising bikes. The natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada range makes riding through that part of the state with an unobstructed 360-degree view a delightful experience. Unfortunately, for some, driving a motorcycle through Nevada is their last experience. Because of the lack of safety features on motorcycles, crashes lead to serious injuries or death.

That has been the case for 17 riders in Nevada through April 20, according to statistics compiled by the Office of Traffic Safety. While this is down slightly from the same time last year, it is only by two deaths, and Washoe County has seen the number of deaths in motorcycle accidents double from one at this time in 2016 to two this year. As might be expected, populous counties, like Clark, tend to see the lion’s share of fatal motorcycle accidents. But, it can happen to anyone at any time.

Sixty-six people were killed on motorcycles throughout the state last year, and that means 66 families need to figure out how to continue on without a loved one. This becomes even harder when it is apparent that a motorcyclist’s death did not have to happen. When another individual is careless, and through that carelessness causes the loss of a life, he or she may be liable to pay damages to those who have to suffer through the aftermath.

Driving drunk, texting and driving and many other behaviors put everyone on the roads at risk. Drivers need to be extra vigilant when it comes to motorcycles, as their speed and small size make them more apt to appear suddenly, if drivers are not paying close attention. Even when motorcycle riders do everything right, bad things can happen due to the negligence of others. Families of those killed in a Nevada motorcycle accident may wish to consider whether they should consult an experienced liability attorney to protect their legal rights.


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