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Drinking and driving can lead to holiday car accidents

The Fourth of July is a particularly exciting holiday when Reno residents can enjoy the beauty of Nevada’s summer while celebrating the autonomy of our great nation. It is a time when friends become family and communities come together to enjoy each other’s company, feast on cookout fare, and watch amazing fireworks displays in the sky. It is also a time when individuals may choose to partake in the consumption of alcohol, which, under controlled circumstances, can be a safe endeavor for adults.

However, not everyone makes good decisions about drinking and driving when celebrating the birth of our nation. Individuals may indulge in their favorite alcoholic beverages and then make the dangerous decision to climb behind the wheels of their cars to drive themselves home after their celebrations have ended. While some may make it to their destinations without suffering any harm, others may be unable to control their vehicles adequately and may cause violent collisions with other motorists on the roads.

Drunk driving accidents are horrible tragedies because they are generally preventable. A simple choice not to drive, or to have a designated driver in place, may save the lives of individuals who are unfortunate enough to encounter drunk drivers on the roads. Readers who have experienced losses due to drunk drivers understand the pain and suffering that may accompany losing a loved one in this type of vehicle accident.

The attorneys of the law firm of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney hope that the readers of their personal injury legal blog have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July week. It is their wish that every individual who attends a Fourth of July celebration makes it to and from their destination without incident; they know, though, that drinking and driving may impact some who want only to have fun. For those whose holidays are ruined by negligent drunk drivers, more information is available on our website.


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