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Wrong way car accident leaves one dead in Nevada

Most Nevada highways are well marked to indicate to drivers where they may permissibly enter and exit the roadways. The signage used serves many purposes, including the protection of drivers from inadvertently driving the wrong way onto busy and high-speed throughways. Traveling at high speeds can be dangerous on its own, but when a driver ends up traveling the wrong way on such a road, the outcome can be deadly.

Just recently, the driver of a sedan made a tragic move by driving on to Interstate 80. The incident occurred at Pyramid Way in Sparks when the driver of the sedan drove the vehicle onto the interstate’s off ramp and into traffic that was traveling in the opposite direction. The wrong way vehicle crashed into a tanker truck on the interstate and caused a serious car accident.

There is no indication at this time if the driver of the wrong way car was under the influence of any substances that may have impacted his or her judgment, though that driver was killed. The driver of the tanker truck was hurt in the collision as well, but will recover from the injuries.

This story has a tragic outcome and highlights just how devastating vehicle accidents can be when drivers make deadly errors when behind the wheels of their cars. Whether this driver chose to enter the interstate at the wrong place, made a mistake due to a distraction, or was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he or she went the wrong way onto Interstate 80 may be revealed through an investigation into the incident. Individuals who have been harmed in similar crashes may wish to look into their options for seeking damages from the parties that caused them harm in wrong way accidents.

Source: ktvn.com, “NHP Investigates Deadly Wrong-Way Crash on I-80 Near Pyramid Highway,” Nicole Jackson, July 6, 2017


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