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Alcohol impairs drivers in dangerous and predictable ways

Drunk driving accidents claim thousands of lives every year. That statement is not an exaggeration. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more than 10,000 people lost their lives in alcohol-related vehicle accidents during the 2015 calendar year. Many of those victims were known and loved by Nevada residents who still carry the pain of loss in their hearts.

Drunk driving is against the law because it is dangerous. There is no question that drunk drivers are a threat to themselves and others who must share the roads with them. When consumed responsibly, alcohol can be a reasonable drink of choice for adults of legal age, but due to the drastic effects it may have on a person’s body, it should not be ingested before or during the operation of a motor vehicle.

A small amount of alcohol, just enough to elevate a person’s blood alcohol concentration to .02 can have a perceptible impact on the drinker’s concentration and motor function. The individual may not be able to concentrate on multiple tasks, and he or she may lose some of the mental alertness possessed otherwise, when not intoxicated.

Ingesting more alcohol, enough to raise a person’s blood alcohol concentration to .08, creates major problems for a driver and those around them. The drunk driver may have lapses in memory and may be unable to process information, such as hazards in the road or speed limits, in a timely enough manner to react to dangers near them. As a driver’s blood alcohol concentration continues to rise he or she may lose the ability to control the vehicle and may lack the reaction time to respond to driving responsibilities.

Though the speed at which impairments due to alcohol can impact drivers may vary, the effects most intoxicated drivers will experience are dangerous and predictable. Victims of drunk driving accidents understand how life-altering these events can be and are encouraged to consider discussing their legal rights with personal injury attorneys.


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