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Speeding can be a factor in dangerous vehicle accidents

Despite their best intentions many Reno residents find themselves running late. Whether they decide to hit the snooze button one too many times or simply lose track of time while getting ready for an event, they can find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having not enough time to get to where they must go. If getting to a location requires them to drive, those individuals who have too far to go and too little time may find themselves tempted to speed.

Speeding involves driving faster than the speed limit or faster than driving conditions safely permit. Speed limits often vary depending upon the type of terrain the roads cover, the amount of congestion the roads generally contain and the situation of the roads in communities and neighborhoods. While freeways may have speed limits in excess of 65 miles per hour, speed limits near schools and parks may max out at 25 miles per hour.

Speeding is dangerous for many reasons. First, a driver who is operating a speeding car is at a greater risk of losing control of their vehicle than a driver who is maintaining a safe speed. Also, vehicles that travel at high rates of speed take longer to stop than vehicles traveling more moderately and, because of this, accidents that happen at high rates of speed often result in more serious injuries to victims that experience accidents at lower rates of movement.

When a speeding driver causes a car accident it is often possible for law enforcement officials to determine how fast the responsible party was operating their vehicle and if that behavior contributed to the crash. Speeding is often a form of negligence and can be used as an example of fault in a personal injury-based vehicle accident lawsuit.


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