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Why is visual recognition such a problem for motorcyclists?

Vehicles on American roads come in practically all shapes and sizes. From the massive commercial trucks that haul goods across the country to the petite smart cars favored by city dwellers, it is not unusual for a Reno driver to see an array of automobiles when they take to the streets and highways of the city. Though drivers tend to look out for other cars, trucks and multi-person vehicles when they are behind the wheels of their automobiles, there is one means of transportation that tends to disappear from the sights of individuals on the roads: motorcycles.

Drivers struggle with visual recognition of motorcycles. There are a number of reasons for this dangerous phenomenon. One reason is that in the great scheme of motor vehicles motorcycles are small. Their relative size compared to other autos makes them easier to miss and harder to spot in traffic.

Additionally, many drivers do not anticipate encountering motorcycles and their riders when they drive their cars. Because drivers are conditioned to respond to other large vehicles they can become surprised when they come across motorcycles. The unfamiliarity with driving near motorcycles may cause them to misjudge or miss seeing motorcycles in their vicinities.

Finally, obstructions in large vehicles can block the drivers’ capacities to see motorcycles behind or next to them. Many vehicles have blind spots, which are areas next to the vehicles where the vehicles’ mirrors fail to provide visual access. Also, glare from the sun, blurriness from rain and other natural events can cause drivers to miss motorcyclists in their purview.

It is an unfortunate fact that visual recognition of motorcycles is lacking for many drivers. As a result motorcyclists can suffer significant dangerous accidents when drivers lose them in the details of operating their motor vehicles. Victims of motorcycle accidents can, though, seek the support of legal representatives to learn more about their options for litigation and seeking compensation.


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