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No matter the cause, we can take on a spinal cord injury case

A previous post on this blog talked about the most common types of spinal cord injuries. The common theme is that no matter the cause, these sorts of injuries can leave a Reno, Nevada resident unable to walk or, in the worst cases, even move his or her arms.

Dealing with the aftermath of these sorts of injuries is a complicated business on all fronts. For instance, on the legal front, even if it is clear that someone else is at fault and should pay the victim compensation, how much should be paid is often a subject of hot debate and can be hard to calculate.

In these sorts of situations, it is important for a spinal cord injury victim to have the help of an experienced advocate who can make sure they get all of the compensation they deserve. In this respect, our law office has five decades of experience with handling accident cases, including those involving spinal cord and other serious injuries.

Because we limit our practice to these types of personal injury cases, we’ve been able to hone our negotiation and trial skills. We understand how the other side might try to defeat a valid claim or, at least, try to pay less than what they really should. We work hard to locate and preserve the medical, financial and other evidence we need to support our client’s claims.

Although we consider ourselves skilled and shrewd negotiators, we also understand that sometimes, it is just not possible to secure a deal for our clients that will compensate them adequately. That is why we always prepare each and every case as if it were going to be tried before a judge or jury.


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