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A bad faith claim can level the playing field for victims

When someone has been hurt or, for that matter, was expecting their insurance company to cover them if they accidentally hurt someone else, it can seem in some situations that the insurance company has all the power. Because they have to be well-financed in order to conduct their business, it means that insurance companies have a lot of bargaining power. Moreover, it is a simple fact that insurance companies make money by not paying claims or paying as little as possible. As such, it can be tempting, and easy, for an insurer to take advantage of a legitimate victim.

If you feel like that has happened in your insurance claim, legal help with getting the playing field levelled and getting the insurance company to do what they already have a responsibility to do is available to Reno residents. For example, our law office can help people in this situation by reviewing their case and, if appropriate, filing a lawsuit alleging that the insurance company has acted in bad faith, a legal option that can mean additional compensation for a victim and, at a minimum, can get the insurance company to act better.

There are many ways in which an insurance company can violate Nevada’s laws requiring that insurance companies treat those making a claim fairly and even-handedly. With our firm’s 50 years of experience, we are familiar with these rules and how unscrupulous companies or even individual adjusters may try to get around these rules.

We have successfully represented people in a wide variety of insurance claim denials or disputes over the years, and we work hard to get the best possible result in the cases we take on.


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