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Man arrested weeks after hit and run accident

According to a recent report, a man is facing felony charges on account of his involvement in a hit and run accident in Reno. The accident left a pedestrian dead. Allegedly, the driver who was recently arrested struck the pedestrian with his car and then left the scene of the incident.

Police indicated that even though the man has been charged with a felony related to his leaving the scene of the fatal accident, they also indicated that they did not suspect that drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. Police said that when they arrested the man, they discovered some evidence that the man was in fact the person who fatally injured the pedestrian.

Hit and run car accidents present some special challenges to victims who need to obtain compensation. For instance, while one always hopes that, as was the case here, authorities eventually locate the driver who was responsible for the accident, sometimes this just does not happen.

When the responsible driver is located, then the victim or the victim’s family can pursue compensation against the driver. If this does not happen, the victim may still have some opportunity to get compensation through an uninsured motorist claim, assuming, of course, that this type of insurance coverage was purchased.

No matter the circumstances, it is important to remember that drivers in Nevada have an obligation to look out for pedestrians and to use caution when around them. When drivers fail to do so, pedestrians often get hurt. Should this happen, they may be able to seek compensation with help from an experienced attorney.

Source: Reno Gazette Journal, “Reno police arrest man in connection with fatal hit and run,” Jenny Kane, March 11, 2018


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