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Why federal trucking regulations matter after accidents

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, there are many laws and regulations that many truckers who travel in or through Nevada have to follow. By way of example, some of these laws ban truckers from using cell phones while driving, and others require truckers to pull over and rest for a while after being on the road for a certain number of hours.

While not following these regulations can mean a truck driver or trucking company winds up paying a hefty fine or, in more serious cases, even losing their right to haul property between the states. While federal authorities may impose these penalties on drivers and their employers, however, they will not be able to force them to do the right thing and adequately compensate victims should their violation of federal rules cause truck accidents.

Just the same, it is still important for Reno victims of truck accidents to know whether the trucker who caused the accident was operating in violation of federal regulations because of a legal concept called negligence per se.

This legal doctrine allows a court to assume a truck driver was negligent if, at the time of an accident, they were in violation of a rule or law that was designed to assure the safety of other motorists. In other words, the doctrine gives a leg up to victims of truck accidents who are seeking to get the compensation they need and deserve through a civil lawsuit.

Still, it’s important for victims to remember that a lot has to happen between when a trucker causes an accident by breaking a law or rule and when a victim can actually expect a check from the negligent motorist’s insurance company. An experienced Nevada personal injury attorney can be helpful in taking the necessary steps.


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