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Bladder problems: long term effects of a spinal cord injury

This blog has discussed the serious medical issues Reno, Nevada, victims of spinal cord injuries face. Even those who manage to keep some mobility will still have a long and expensive road to recovery, as they will have to deal with a host of problems that result from a significant injury to the spine.

For instance, after many spinal cord injuries, a patient will experience incontinence or other bladder problems, including an inability to go to the bathroom at all. These sorts of medical problems with the bladder are often serious matters that, if untreated, can even in some cases lead to potentially fatal medical problems like kidney failure.

Bladder problems require time-consuming, uncomfortable and expensive medical treatment. By way of examples, some people have to learn to drain their bladders with the help of medical equipment and will have to do so periodically throughout the day for the rest of their lives. In other cases, a person may have to take medication permanently.

In addition to the actual cost of medical treatment, it is important to remember that spinal cord injury patients who experience bladder dysfunction have to go through a lot of physical and emotional pain and suffering. On an emotional level, for example, it can be hard for a person to accept the fact that he or she can no longer go to the bathroom as would a typical person. It can be particularly hard when the person has an accident that, however understandable, is still very embarrassing.

Bladder problems are just one of the many challenges victims of spinal cord injuries face. Standing alone, the obstacles that these sorts of problems place in front of spinal cord injury patients likely translates to tens of thousands of dollars. Those who have to deal with them because of the irresponsibility of someone else should not hesitate to seek compensation through the proper legal channels.


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