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Lots of different distractions can cause a serious injury

Reno, Nevada, residents have probably heard about the dangers of texting and driving. Some may have even been involved in car accidents with motorists who were pretty obviously on their phones just seconds before the accident.

In the most serious accidents, this behavior can prove deadly. According to one report, texting and driving was a contributing factor in the death of another person in 14 percent of all fatal accidents connected in some way to distracted driving. It is no wonder that authorities both in Nevada and around the country are beginning to crack down on this irresponsible and dangerous behavior.

However, it is important that while zealously fighting back against texting and driving, one not forget that there are in fact many distractions that contribute to car accidents, even fatal car accidents.

For instance, the top cause of fatal distracted driving accidents was overwhelmingly “daydreaming.” This category was determined to be a cause in 61 percent, well over half, of fatal distracted driving accidents.

In other words, one could argue that letting one’s mind wander from the road, whether because of an electronic device or otherwise, always puts other motorists and pedestrians in the Las Vegas area at serious risk. The type of distraction simply does not matter.

While it is admittedly easy to “daydream” while behind the wheel, that doesn’t make the behavior acceptable. In order to prevent injury accidents, the drivers on Nevada’s roads must do what they reasonable can to keep their minds focused on the road. For example, getting enough sleep so as to be sufficiently alert is one step motorists should take.

When an inattentive driver causes a serious or deadly accident, victims should explore their right to pursue compensation from such parties. They may be able to recover for damages like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.


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