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Police still investigating Interstate 80 pileup

Police are still investigating a pileup that happened in the Reno are on Interstate 80 recently. This truck accident involved several vehicles and also involved a truck flipping over on to its side. The truck obstructed one direction of freeway traffic. The truck also lost its load of canned goods and leaked some fuel because of the accident.

According to police, authorities had to intervene to get one person out of a car that had been involved in the accident. Police also said that one victim of the accident had suffered critical injuries and was in danger of dying. The present condition of this person was not disclosed.

While police are still investigating and are even looking for additional eyewitnesses, their initial assessment is that the truck flipped because the driver had to make a sudden stop or swerve. The reason the trucker had to do so was that another motorist, driving a private vehicle, made what police called an “unsafe” maneuver, which apparently put the trucker in a position of having to take evasive action. Several other cars were involved in a series of collisions that happened after the truck flipped.

More information about this accident will hopefully be available after police complete their investigation. But, it still serves as a reminder about the important obligation motorists have to be careful when doing things like changing lanes on the interstate. If a motorist cuts another driver off, particularly if that driver is operating a big rig or other commercial vehicle, it can lead to a serious accident just as it did in this case.

Source: KOLO 8, “NHP looking for witnesses to big rig crash on 80,” May 8, 2018


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