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After a fatal motorcycle accident, legal help is available

A previous post on this blog talked about how although motorcycle accidents declined in Nevada between 2016 and 2017, the state still has a problem when it comes to motorcyclists making up a disproportionate number of the total victims of fatal motorcycle accidents. It is unfortunate that motorcyclists in Reno and the other communities of this state seem to have a rough go of it. It is equally unfortunate that, while many of these fatal accidents can be attributed to a negligent driver of another vehicle, motorcyclists still struggle against the common perception that they are unsafe drivers and are usually to blame for an accident.

For this reason, the family attempting to get compensation to help cover their losses after the untimely death of their loved one in a motorcycle accident may have an uphill battle. Knowing this, many families entrust our law office with their wrongful death claims following a tragic motorcycle accident.

Our approach to these sorts of cases is fairly simple, in that we work hard to get a family the most possible compensation we can in light of the law and the specific facts and circumstances of their case. This means that our first step is to honestly evaluate the family’s legal options so that they know what they are facing and what they can expect. We also want to review the insurance policies that might apply to the situation, including the family’s own insurance coverage.

After evaluating our client’s case, our job becomes advocating for them by investigating their claim and arguing vigorously for their right to compensation for things like funeral expenses, lost income and other damages.


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