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A victim of a wrong way accident may need legal help

A previous post on this blog talked about the common causes of wrong way accidents on the freeway and other multi-lane highways. While one might think that a wrong way accident is a never event, in that it should never happen, they are more common than one might think.

Inexperience, physical or mental impairments and, especially, drunk or drugged driving are common reasons these accidents occur. No matter the cause, though, one can generally assume that the driver who drove the wrong way will be financially responsible for the accident.

Unfortunately, when wrong way accidents happen, the end result is often catastrophic. Assuming the victim survives, a serious injury like head trauma or a spinal cord injury is likely. While the victim might think that the fact the other driver is pretty clearly at fault would make getting adequate compensation easy, such is not necessarily the case.

These sorts of cases are particularly complex since brain and spine injuries raise a number of medical issues that might not be present in other personal injury cases.

Moreover, because they are so serious, they will entail having to figure out a victim’s lost wages and rehabilitation expenses years out from the time of the accident. This is a difficult process, and not doing it correctly or just taking the insurance company’s word for it may leave a person shortchanged.

Our law office understands the complexity of these types of cases and the importance of getting the calculation of one’s losses correct. While we pride ourselves on using our skills and expertise to get a fair settlement, we are also fully prepared to take a case to trial if doing so is in our client’s best interests.


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