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What causes wrong way accidents?

The average Reno, Nevada, driver may wonder how on earth another driver can so turned around on the freeway so as to drive the wrong way. Unfortunately, though, wrong way accident on Interstate 80 and on other major Nevada highways happen more often than one might think.

This is unfortunate since these accidents often happen at high speeds and involve a head-on collision. It is not surprise that many wrong way accidents end with someone dying or suffering a serious and life-altering injury.

What research reveals is that many of these accidents happen because the driver who traveled the wrong way was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When one thinks about it, it makes sense that someone who is under the influence may get profoundly confused, despite there being plenty of warning signs, and wind up getting on the wrong exit ramp and then traveling right in to oncoming traffic.

Although many wrong way collisions could best be described as drunk driving accidents, the same research also revealed that young drivers, that is, those under 25, and older drivers, that is, those over 70, also are involved in a significant number of wrong way collisions.

Lack of experience, as well as physical or mental limitations, can play a role in a person’s accidentally traveling against traffic on a major highway. As most of these types of accidents happen in the overnight hours, it is also important for people to remember to pay extra attention at night, as even experienced and sober drivers can get thrown off by darkness and low visibility.

Wrong way accidents are unfortunately more common than one might think, but they are largely preventable. Victim of wrong way accidents thus may have legal options for obtaining compensation for their losses.


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