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We can represent victims of state-vehicle truck accidents

As a previous post on this blog discussed, oftentimes state governments or legal subdivisions of those governments operate large trucks and other big commercial vehicles. As much as residents of Reno, Nevada, would prefer to think otherwise, the drivers of these vehicles aren’t perfect. Like any other driver of a large commercial vehicle, they can cause a serious motor vehicle accident. In these sorts of situations, it is only fair that victims receive compensation.

However, there are extra hoops an injured person has to jump through in order to successfully sue a government entity. Moreover, there may be other important legal limitations and restrictions that apply to these sorts of cases as well.

As is the case with private companies, government agencies and their insurance carriers may try to deny responsibility for the accident. Even if they do admit responsibility, they may try to minimize their costs by trying to pay as little as possible, even to the point of questioning a victim’s legitimate costs and expenses.

For all of these reasons, particularly when a government vehicle is involved, victims of truck accidents need proper legal representation. In this respect, the attorneys at our law office have the knowledge and experience needed to help our clients navigate through the complexities of these sorts of accidents so that they can exercise their legal rights to the fullest extent. Also, as many of these accidents require the help of an expert to prove fault on the part of the trucker or to show the full extent of the victim’s losses, we have also developed a noted proficiency for identifying and working with expert witnesses.

Truck accident victims can suffer a wide variety of injuries, which can sometimes be severe. The thought of pursuing a lawsuit against a government agency can be intimidating. But, accident victims should understand that they still have legal rights in such situations. By seeking compensation from the responsible parties, truck accident victims may be able to find some closure and a sense that justice has been done.


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