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Pedestrian accident claims life of teen

A 17-year-old from nearby Sparks has died after being hit by a car. The girl was reportedly crossing a street near an area high school when the accident happened. The accident happened after dark, and it appeared from photos of the scene that it occurred at least in close proximity to a crosswalk.

Police said that the driver of the vehicle who struck her, also a teenager, stayed at the scene of the accident and spoke with police.

Police have at least initially ruled out drugs and alcohol as a factor in this crash, and they also indicated that they did not believe the driver was speeding. An investigation in to the cause of this tragic accident remains underway.

To the general public, it may be easier to excuse the driver who hit the girl since he probably was not being reckless. However, even if this was an accident, the reality is that a family has lost a child or sibling who was just entering into the prime of her life.

Even if this was an accident, the family still deserves some acknowledgement for their loss in the form of compensation from the responsible party. At a minimum, they should receive help paying for the victim’s final medical bills and funeral expenses.

Particularly when around an area where pedestrians frequent, such as high schools, drivers must remember that their obligations involve more than just driving soberly and with due regard for the speed limit. They must pay utmost attention to the road and must yield to pedestrians when they are lawfully crossing the street. If they fail in these obligations and cause a car accident involving a pedestrian, then in justice, they owe compensation to the family of the victim.


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