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Reno area accident kills three; police suspect impairment

A severe accident in the Reno area left three people dead and at least one person seriously injured. Police are now reporting that drugs or alcohol may have played a role in the crash.

The accident actually involved two separate collisions that happened a few minutes apart from each other. The road on which this accident happened was a two-lane highway. Apparently, two vehicles, a Toyota and a Mercury, were traveling in opposite directions. They came too close to each other as they crossed paths and collided.

This first accident killed the driver of the Mercury and may have left the driver of the Toyota seriously injured. Their vehicles were disabled in the traffic lanes. Two people stopped their vehicles to help and approached the Toyota.

Unfortunately, while they were standing there trying to help, the driver of another vehicle, an SUV, apparently did not respond to the crash scene in time and slammed into the Toyota, killing the two people who had stopped to give assistance. The driver of the Toyota was taken to the hospital to recover from his injuries.

Members of the Nevada Highway Patrol are continuing to investigate the accident and have asked for any witnesses to come forward.

Although it isn’t entirely clear which driver police suspect was impaired at the time of the accident, what is clear is that drunk or drugged driving played a role in yet another fatal accident in the Reno area. This tragic story should serve as an important reminder that victims of drunk driving accidents, or their families, have legal options available to them for pursuing compensation for their losses.


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