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Nevada’s basic speed limit

With the winter months setting in over the mountains of Reno and the rest of Washoe County, motorists in the area need to start thinking about the possibility of snow and ice on the roads, as well as other winter weather like dense fog.

In fact, the area has already had at least some issues with winter weather earlier this month. The weather was bad enough to cause an increase in accidents and force police to respond only to accidents involving bodily injury.

It is therefore an opportune time to give all Nevada motorists a gentle reminder about what is commonly referred to as the basic speed limit. As virtually all drivers recognize, Nevada has posted speed limits on its roads and highways. No matter the conditions, motorists are expected to abide by these speed limits.

However, Nevada also has a separate provision of the law which is commonly referred to as the basic speed law. This law requires motorists, without regard to what the posted speed limit is, to adjust their vehicle’s speed to account for road conditions, the weather and other factors that can vary from day to day and from place to place.

When it comes to traveling in wintry conditions, this means that motorists need to slow down when faced with snow or ice, even if they are already traveling under the posted speed limit. Their following a posted speed limit blindly, or worse, just going too fast altogether, can cause a very serious car accident.

A driver who causes a car accident because he was going too fast for the conditions can be held financially accountable for his actions via a personal injury lawsuit.


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