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Back-to-back Reno motorcycle accidents injure one, kill another

Reno has many motorcyclists on its roadways. Drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks are obligated to keep an eye on them, yield when necessary and take steps to keep everyone safe and accident-free. However, theories and best-case scenarios aside, this does not always happen. When a rider is involved in a crash, they are vulnerable to injuries and fatalities. In some of these accidents, a second crash occurs in the immediate aftermath, causing more damage. With the litany of problems that come about after these accidents, legal assistance is advisable.

Two separate motorcycle accidents resulted in one rider being injured and another dying. According to law enforcement, the first happened when a motorcyclist was going south and a vehicle turned in front of the rider. The vehicles collided and the rider died. Another rider was also going south and hit the first motorcyclist. That rider was hospitalized, but the injuries were said to be minor. The investigation is continuing and it is not known if charges or citations will be issued to anyone involved.

There are natural risks involved when riding a motorcycle. Drivers of passenger vehicles need to keep riders in mind, watch their mirrors, give riders the right of way and take other steps to adhere to the safety laws. When they do not, riders can suffer catastrophic injuries and death. Medical costs, lost companionship, pain and suffering and other issues warrant compensation.

A law firm that has experience in assisting people injured in motorcycle accidents must be called immediately to gather evidence and pursue a case. A firm that helps those who have suffered loss after motorcycle accidents can help.


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