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Ride share auto accidents could be due to ignored recalls

In Reno, throughout Nevada and across the United States, the way in which people get around has changed drastically with the rise of ride share services. Simply by pushing a button on their phone, a ride will come quickly. Whether that is Uber, Lyft or another service, it is considered a convenient alternative to public transportation or driving themselves. However, there are dangers with any motor vehicle and a recent study from Consumer Reports shows that many ride share vehicles have unaddressed recalls on their vehicles. This can cause injuries and death because of an auto accident.

In its research, Consumer Reports found that one-sixth of all vehicles that are used for ride shares have had safety recalls that were not addressed. The study assessed vehicles in Seattle and New York. The recalls were all due to safety issues of varying severity. Since both locations have a requirement that drivers register their vehicles, it was easier for the study to take place. The investigation assessed almost 94,000 vehicles by using their serial numbers and registrations with Lyft and Uber. More than 16% had an open recall that the drivers had not taken care of.

Some recalls were riskier than others. They included seatbelt issues, problems with the engine stalling, and the airbag dangers that sparked widespread recalls from the manufacturer Takata. In certain cases, the vehicles had more than one recall. The national average for recalls was comparable to what it is across the nation. Because there is a lack of oversight from the main ride share companies Lyft and Uber, drivers are not forced to fix their vehicles in accordance with the recalls so they can drive for the company.

People who get into a ride share vehicle are not expecting the vehicle itself to put them in danger. Unfortunately, that does happen because drivers are operating vehicles with open recalls. Those who have been in an auto accident should be aware that they could have a claim for liability to recover compensation for injuries and fatalities that happened in these vehicles. A law firm that has experience with car accidents should be contacted for guidance on how to pursue a lawsuit for compensation.


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