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Drunk driving accidents and settling with insurance company

Despite the ongoing efforts to reduce drunk driving, motorists in Nevada and elsewhere still decide to get behind the wheel after they have consumed alcohol. Wen a driver is over the legal limit, he or she presents grave risks to other travelers on the roadways. This could result in a serious and even fatal car accident.

During the investigation phase following a motor vehicle crash, authorities seek to determine the cause of the crash. In matters where evidence such as a breathalyzer test reveals that a driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash, it could quickly become clear that the drunk driver was at fault.

Although fault and liability may be easily proven in some drunk driving accidents, victims should understand that settling right away could mean receiving a settlement that does not cover all the damages and losses suffered in the crash.

When a victim settles right away, they will be asked to sign a release of liability form, which means by accepting the settlement, the victim will be barred from making any further claims pertaining to the accident.

Additionally, insurance companies have limits on how much they will pay. This typically falls within the $50,000 range. And in accidents where a victim was seriously injured, this may fall short when it comes to covering the current and future damages suffered. Thus, victims should understand that a civil suit, such as a personal injury action. This could help a victim recover a compensation award that covers all losses suffered.

The aftermath of a drunk driving crash can be tragic. Victims could suffer a tremendous amount of harms and damages, impacting their life tremendously. Thus, it is imperative that victims of a drunk driving crash understand their rights and options. A personal injury claim could help with the recovery of compensation to address these losses.


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