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Helping you secure compensation following a spinal cord injury

While accidents happen all around us on a daily basis, many do not believe that they will be the one to fall victim to a serious accident. Unfortunately, a life-altering accident could suddenly occur, whether a person is traveling on the roadways, walking in a parking lot, at work, at a medical facility, or even at home. A spinal cord injury is considered to be one of the most serious injuries an accident victim can suffer, and when individuals in Nevada and elsewhere suffer such an injury, it is important that they understand what legal recourses they have against the negligent party or parties harmed them.

Although many individuals believe that suffering a spinal cord injury often means that a victim’s life as they knew it is over, this isn’t necessarily the case. Though the process can be an overwhelming and emotional, especially when the trauma suffered has left a victim a paraplegic or quadriplegic, extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation can allow spinal cord injury victims start a new chapter in life. The attorneys at Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney are sensitive to this and are prepared to help guide clients through these complex matters.

Our law firm has the extensive knowledge needed to competently handle some of the most serious personal injury cases. Thus, when an individual comes to us after suffering a spinal cord injury we apply our knowledge and expertise to aggressively advocate for their rights. Whether the matter is likely to settle through negotiations or be dispensed with through litigation, our dedicated team of legal professionals stand ready to fight for the compensation accident victims deserve.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s spinal cord injury website. A spinal cord injury requires intense medical intervention and ongoing medical care. It can force a victim out of work as they struggle to regain some functions. At a time like that, victims should focus on their recoveries and leave the legal work to legal professionals they trust.


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