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What are common causes of truck accidents?

With the winter holidays just around the corner, purchasing gifts will be on the tops of every Nevadans’ list. Because on-line shopping platforms are often utilized, this means that shipments and deliveries are completed via commercial trucks. While these large vehicles are very beneficial to intrastate and interstate commerce, they also create many risks on the roadways. Whether it is a fatigued driver, speeding or distractions, a truck accident could have devastating effects.

What are common causes of truck accidents? While passenger vehicles can be the cause of truck crashes, this post will focus on the acts of truck drivers that result in a truck crash. The main causes can be boiled down to three causes.

The first is inadequate training. This means that a trucking company failed to provide training as it relates to driving techniques, safety concerns and defensive driving.

The second is when there is a system in compensation in place. This is when a trucking company encourages truck drivers to travel at a faster speed and work more consecutive hours than would be advisable.

The final is an unrealistic schedule and expectation of drivers by a trucking company. This results in a driver being pushed to drive fast, despite the safety risks involved.

The aftermath of a truck crash can be traumatic. Victims are often left with serious injuries that require much time and money to recover. This not only leaves a victim with physical and emotional pain, but could also result in financial harms as well.


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