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Data suggests distracted driver behaviors are normalizing

In Nevada and throughout the United States, distracted driving is viewed as an unnecessary and dangerous behavior that people are encouraged to think twice about. Because so many auto accidents happen because of a distracted driver and these cause injuries and fatalities, it seems that people understand the dangers and still choose to drive distracted.

Indeed, research suggests that distracted driving is becoming normalized, making it an even bigger risk than previously thought.

Because multi-tasking is so ingrained in today’s lifestyle, it has naturally expanded to multi-tasking when behind the wheel.

Moreover, experts say that people tend to gravitate toward behaviors that “everyone” seems to be doing. That includes distracted driving.

People are also becoming addicted to texting. There are chemicals released in the brain when receiving a text message that make it borderline irresistible for many people, and they need to check no matter what they are doing.

Statistically, the National Safety Council says that texting and driving is believed to be the cause of around 1.6 million crashes annually. In 2018, 4,637 people died because of cellphone-related auto collisions.

Another problem is that distracted driving frequently goes unreported.

Legislators and law enforcement are stepping up strategies to catch violators of distracted driving laws as they try to lower the number of car accidents that come about because of it. Still, this issue is not going away anytime soon.

People who have been injured or lost a loved one in an auto accident must know whether it was because of a distracted driver as this can be a critical part of a successful lawsuit. Contacting a law firm experienced in investigating car accidents may help with a claim.


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