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Agency to study truck collisions

A collision with a large truck on a Nevada highway can be a frightening prospect. Because these vehicles are so large and heavy, a truck accident can be especially devastating to others on the road around them. Truck accidents can be catastrophic, and they are also on the rise. Between 2009 and 2018, fatal crashes tied to large trucks rose by 52.6%, even as vehicle safety technologies improved. Between 2016 and 2018, fatalities caused by trucking accidents rose by 5.7%. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced plans to launch a study to delve into the cause of these crashes.

The FMCSA noted that this will be the first major crash study involving semis in 15 years. It will examine all serious truck crashes nationwide, including those that cause injuries and fatalities or those that require vehicles to be towed from the scene. The purpose of the study is not only to identify problems but also to develop plans that can improve highway safety and decrease the truck accident risk. The federal agency said that it planned to include electronic data as part of the study, including onboard information about speed, braking intensity and lane changes.

In the last major study of truck collisions, the FMCSA found that some type of driver error was the most common issue. In other cases, poorly maintained truck equipment could fail, causing a crash. Now, the agency wants to look into the effects of mobile devices and distracted driving on truck accidents.

The toll taken by a trucking accident can be severe, with victims facing expensive medical bills and a long time out of work. People injured in a truck crash may work with a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for their damages.


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