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CVSA plans International Roadcheck for May 5 to 7

From May 5 to 7, 2020, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding its annual International Roadcheck, so CMV drivers in Nevada should take note. During this time, police officers and inspectors will be out to enforce federal truck safety regulations. Most trucks will be put through the most comprehensive inspection possible, the 37-point North American Standard Level I inspection.

The special focus of the 2020 International Roadcheck is on driver qualifications. All too often, truckers will be driving with the wrong class license; in fact, this violation made up 22.5% of driver-related out-of-service violations in the 2019 roadcheck. Drivers may also fail to have records of duty status or carry a medical card for their conditions. Inspectors will check for these in addition to failure to wear a seat belt or comply with ELD regulations.

As for the trucks, these will have their various components inspected, including the fuel system, exhaust system, brakes, suspension, tires, steering, lights and driveline components. Cargo must be properly secured as well. In the end, drivers who pass the test will receive a CVSA decal for their truck.

Failure means being put out of service. In 2019, more than 12,000 trucks and 2,700 drivers were issued out-of-service orders. The most frequent driver-related order was for violations of the hours-of-service regulations.

Some truckers exceed the limit on how long they can drive per day, thus endangering themselves and others. Drowsy driving is just one form of negligence that has been shown to lead to truck collisions. Neglecting truck maintenance is another issue that the International Roadcheck is meant to curb. In the event that someone is injured in a truck crash, he or she may file a claim against the trucking company. It may be wise to seek legal counsel before filing.


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