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AAA survey: self-driving cars are far from public acceptance

Nevada residents who are excited about the advent of self-driving cars should know that there are several concerns that keep the majority of the U.S. public from accepting them. AAA conducted a survey in January 2020 asking consumers if they would feel safe riding in a self-driving car, and only 12% answered in the affirmative. Twenty-eight percent admitted they don’t know what to think about self-driving cars in the first place.

The survey clarified what sort of tangible information consumers want about self-driving cars. For example, 57% want to know how liability would work in the case of accidents with self-driving cars, 51% are interested in the laws that would protect self-driving cars, and 49% are concerned about the cars being hacked.

Respondents also shared what sort of things would help them overcome doubts about the tech. Seventy-two percent said they want self-driving cars to let them take control if something goes wrong while 69% want a human back-up driver. Forty-seven percent would be reassured if the cars passed rigorous testing, and 42% said the same if they could see or take part in a demonstration beforehand.

Respondents also expressed the desire for more news stories on these cars. Ultimately, the survey may help automakers, policymakers and media as they try to make self-driving cars more palatable to the public.

Before self-driving cars come close to being a reality, though, automakers need to address the issues being raised by semi-autonomous vehicles. Some car collisions occur because semi-autonomous cars make their drivers complacent and inattentive to the road. Those who are injured as a result of this form of negligence may want a lawyer to represent them. Personal injury lawyers might have a network of crash investigators and other third parties to help strengthen a case.

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