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Car accidents involving pedestrians are often deadly

Cities across Nevada are thriving these days as more and more people move here to take advantage of the great opportunities the state has to offer. Because city streets are often crowded and congested, many residents choose walking as their main source of transportation. However, car accidents involving pedestrians can happen any time pedestrians and vehicles are in close proximity.

Recently, a juvenile in Churchill County lost his life when a vehicle left the roadway and struck him on a sidewalk. The accident happened just before noon at the corner of Carson River Road and Rice Road. According to reports, a pickup truck was traveling west on Rice Road approaching the intersection when the vehicle suddenly left the roadway.

Reports said three juveniles were standing on the sidewalk waiting for a school bus when the driver of the truck drove onto the sidewalk and struck one of the juveniles. Tragically, the juvenile died at the scene of the accident, authorities said. Police said it is unclear why the driver of the pickup truck drove onto the sidewalk. The Nevada Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate the accident and seeking additional witnesses.

Unfortunately, car accidents involving pedestrians often have deadly consequences since pedestrians are totally exposed. Individuals in Nevada who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to negligence in this type of accident can pursue damages. By consulting an attorney and filing a lawsuit, surviving family members could be awarded much-needed compensation to help with end-of-life expenses and other costs accrued due to a tragic accident.


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