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How to stay safe when driving through road construction zones

In the state of Nevada, it feels like there’s road construction happening somewhere nearly year-round. Even though these construction zones can seem like an annoyance, they are necessary in order to keep roadways updated and safe. Tragically, thousands of car accidents occur every year in highway construction zones across the country. Here are a few ways Nevada drivers can be safe when traveling through work zones.

Always be on the lookout for the orange, diamond-shaped road signs that warn drivers of a construction zone. As soon as a driver sees one of these orange “work zone ahead” signs, he or she should reduce the vehicle speed and watch out for obstacles, workers and machinery. Also, when approaching a road construction zone, expect a rough or bumpy ride. Keep in mind that traffic is sometimes directed over gravel or uneven road surfaces. There will usually be orange construction signs to forewarn drivers of bumps and dips in the driving surface.

Although road construction can be a hassle, it is important for drivers to maintain a positive attitude. Regardless of the frustration or tardiness a work zone may cause, no one is at fault in this situation. Practice defensive driving habits, respect the speed limit and watch out for the workers who are present in freeway constructions zones.

Unfortunately, things like poor visibility, improperly placed signs and many other issues can create an unsafe environment for all motorists who travel through road construction zones. Even if a driver practices safe habits, car accidents may still occur due to no fault of the driver’s own. Whenever someone is injured or loses a loved one in one of these incidents, they have the right to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim against any party deemed to have been negligent, including construction companies and/or municipalities.


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