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How to stay safe when a vehicle breaks down at night

Having a vehicle breakdown while commuting or traveling is not only inconvenient, it is incredibly stressful. The experience of being stranded on the side of the road can be panic inducing, especially when it happens at night. Whether the breakdown was due to something complex like engine failure, or something simple like a flat tire, it’s important to know what to do when this happens. Here are a few ways Nevada drivers can stay safe and avoid car accidents amid a vehicle breakdown at night.

One of the first things a motorist should do if he or she experiences a vehicle breakdown at night is to move the vehicle off of the road and turn on the hazard lights. At night, it may be difficult for other drivers to see vehicles that are disabled on the side of the road. Utilize the hazard lights to alert other drivers of the vehicle’s presence and prevent an accident.

Next, call a 24-hour towing service if possible. A towing service can tow the vehicle to a safe place and off the side of the road. Some towing companies also offer roadside services. If the breakdown is due to something minor, such as a flat tire, they may be able to fix the vehicle on the spot.

Also, stay in the vehicle. Unless the problem is easily fixable, it is usually best for stranded motorists to stay in the car and lock the doors for safety while waiting for help to arrive. Always keep an eye on surroundings and have a phone close by to call for help if needed.

It goes without saying that being stuck on the side of the road at night is never a pleasant situation to experience. Accidents will always be more likely when visibility decreases. Those in Nevada who experience injury or loss in a car accident caused by negligence could benefit by seeking the services of a knowledgeable and seasoned attorney.


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