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Recent drunk driving accident ends in tragedy

Alcohol impairs basic motor skills, slows reaction time and makes the simplest tasks seemingly impossible. This is why getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is not only extremely dangerous, it’s illegal. Although police across the state of Nevada are doing a great job of keeping drunk drivers off the road, drunk driving accidents are still happeningat an alarming rate.

A recent crash caused by a suspected drunk driver claimed the life of one person and injured another. The accident happened in Fernley at the intersection of Nevada Pacific Parkway and US-50A. Reports said the driver of a pickup truck was traveling north on Nevada Pacific Parkway approaching the intersection. Apparently, the pickup truck driver ran the stop sign and crashed into a sedan that was headed east on US-50A.

According to reports, a passenger in the sedan was severely injured and had to be airlifted to a hospital for treatment. Tragically, the passenger died a short time later at the hospital. Reportedly, the driver of the sedan also suffered injuries, but they were not life-threatening. Police said the driver of the pickup truck was arrested and jailed on charges of DUI causing death and substantial bodily harm, as well as other serious charges.

There are strict laws that prohibit driving while under the influence of alcohol, yet it still happens. Families in Nevada who have suffered the loss of a loved one at the hands of a drunk driver can take legal action by contacting a skilled and seasoned litigator. Damages from a successful lawsuit could help ease the pain of surviving family members and cover end-of-life expenses.


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