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Pedestrian suffers fatal injuries after being hit by drunk driver

It’s common knowledge that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and against the law. Yet, every day, people across the state of Nevada drink and drive regardless of the harm it may cause. Many times, those who are intoxicated will overestimate their abilities and think they can get away with driving drunk. Driving drunk is never a good idea and will only lead to tragic and life-altering drunk driving accidents.

Recently in Hendersonville, a woman was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver. The incident happened during the early evening hours at the intersection of Bridle Drive and Foothills Drive. Police said they responded to reports of a pedestrian that was struck by a vehicle and critically injured.

Reports said the pedestrian was transported to a local medical center where she tragically died not long after arriving. The driver of the vehicle drove away from the scene of the accident, according to police. Authorities said they located the driver a short time later and placed him under arrest. Reportedly, the driver was charged with DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm and failure to render aid in an accident involving death, among other serious charges.

Officials and law enforcement agencies in Nevada have done a great job of educating the public about the dangers of drunk driving, yet it still happens. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated can have catastrophic consequences. Families in Nevada who have lost loved ones in drunk driving accidents reserve the right to contact an experienced litigator and take legal action. A successful wrongful death lawsuit can result in much-needed compensation to help ease the pain and suffering associated with a tragic accident.


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