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Devastating motorcycle accident claims the life of a biker

For motorcyclists, few things are as enjoyable and freeing as cruising down an open road on a warm Nevada afternoon. Although motorcycles are fun to ride, it’s common knowledge they can be a dangerous form of transportation. However, it’s not motorcycles themselves that are so dangerous. Often, the drivers of passenger vehicles fail to see motorcycles or are not as attentive as they should be behind the wheel. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are more likely to end in devastating injuries or death to those riding the bikes.

Recently, an accident in East Las Vegas ended the life of a motorcyclist. The accident happened during the afternoon hours at the intersection of Sahara Avenue and Winterwood Boulevard. According to police reports, a sedan was approaching the intersection and went through a stop sign.

Reports said the sedan then hit a motorcycle that was traveling through the intersection, knocking the rider off the bike. The motorcyclist suffered severe injuries and was rushed to a local medical center for treatment. Tragically, the motorcyclist died a short time later at the hospital, authorities said. Reportedly, the driver of the sedan suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment. Las Vegas police said the accident remains under investigation.

Motorcycles can be an economical and fun way to get around. However, bikers should always be cautious and stay alert when riding. Although some motorcycle accidents can be avoided, many are caused by another driver’s carelessness. Those in Nevada who have suffered injury or the loss of a loved one because of negligence in a motorcycle accident reserve the right to take legal action and contact an experienced litigator. A successful lawsuit could provide compensation to aid victims and families in recovering from a devastating accident.


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