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These night driving tips could help prevent car accidents

It’s no secret that driving at night can be more difficult and hazardous than driving during the day. Fatigue and low visibility are just a couple of factors that add to the dangers of traveling at night. According to the National Safety Council, fatal traffic accidents are about three times more likely to happen at night versus the day. The following advice could help Nevada drivers avoid car accidents when traveling at night. 

Clean windshields and headlights 

When traveling on Nevada roadways, it doesn’t take long for windshields and headlights to become cloaked in dust. Built-up grime on windshields can make it difficult for drivers to see the road in already low visibility conditions. Likewise, dirty headlights shine less light on the road, making visibility worse. Always clean windshields and headlights before driving at night. Intermittently stopping to clean them is also a good idea. 

Use high beams 

Many drivers are so used to only using low beams that they can sometimes forget about high beams. However, high beams can greatly improve night visibility, especially in rural and isolated areas. Remember to only use high beams when no other vehicles are present. 

Defensive driving 

Defensive driving habits are beneficial at all hours, but practicing defensive driving can be even more beneficial at night. It’s important to be extra careful at night because it is harder to see road signs, pedestrians and animals. Also, remember to reduce speed when driving at night and never drive when exhausted or sleep deprived. 


Taking the proper precautions and staying focused behind the wheel can be crucial in making night time road trips safer. Unfortunately, there will always be a chance for car accidents no matter how prepared drivers are. Those in Nevada who suffer injuries or loss due to negligence in car accidents can take action by consulting an experienced litigator. Damages from a successfully litigated lawsuit could help victims and families pay medical expenses and recover financial losses. 


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