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Violent head-on crash claims the lives of 2 drivers

Every single day, thousands of drivers in Nevada get behind the wheel not realizing the dangers they are about to face as they take to the road. Many motorists even feel a sense of security in their vehicles as they travel or commute back and forth to work. However, the negligent actions of other drivers are completely unpredictable and often lead to the most serious car accidents. Those who are careless and do not take responsibility for their own driving put everyone else at risk.

Wrong-way driver

Recently, a violent wrong-way crash near Moapa Valley claimed the lives of two motorists. The accident happened along Interstate 15 during the nighttime hours. According to reports from the Nevada Highway Patrol, the driver of a pickup truck entered the roadway traveling the wrong direction. Reports said the driver of the pickup truck was traveling north in the southbound lanes.

Fatal crash

Near Mile Marker 101, the northbound pickup truck encountered a van traveling southbound. Reportedly, the two vehicles violently slammed into each other head-on. Authorities said the drivers of both vehicles were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The NHP said the crash is still under investigation.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when a serious or fatal accident will occur. These types of accidents often happen when least expected. Nevada families who have suffered the loss of loved ones in car accidents caused by negligent drivers can take action by contacting a knowledgeable and experienced litigator. A wrongful death claim, if successful, could result in substantial monetary damages to help families cope with their loss and pay end-of-life expenses and related damages.


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