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Do these things to avoid car accidents when driving in work zones

Drivers face a lot of obstacles each time they take to the road. Road construction, in particular, is something that most drivers in Nevada will likely encounter. While road construction is generally a good thing and means that a roadway is being repaired or improved, construction zones pose unique challenges for motorists. What follows may help drivers avoid car accidents while traveling through road construction and work zones. 

Slow down 

First and foremost, it is extremely important to slow down when driving through work zones. According to recent studies, speeding is responsible for about a third of all fatalities in construction and work zones. Follow the posted speed limit until safely through the construction zone. 

Do not impede traffic flow 

Always keep up with the flow of traffic. Never slow down or stop to watch the roadwork. Those who impede the flow of traffic could be responsible for causing an accident behind them. 

Always stay focused 

When driving through a construction zone, never fidget with the radio or use a cellphone. Also, never text behind the wheel. Taking focus off of the road for just a split second is enough to cause a deadly accident.  

Just be patient 

Without a doubt, being stuck in work zone traffic can be annoying and an inconvenience. However, it’s not the end of the world. Getting impatient will do no good and greatly increase the odds for an accident. 

Unfortunately, there will always be a chance for accidents no matter how careful a driver is. Those who are injured in car accidents caused by the negligence of another party, including municipalities or construction companies, have the right to take legal action. Damages from a successful claim could help victims replace lost wages and pay medical expenses. 


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