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A look at rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury

It’s a tragic reality that many car accident victims suffer catastrophic injuries. Amongst these injuries are those that affect the spinal cord. Spinal cord injury sufferers often have their lives turned upside down because they are usually left with some sort of permanent disability. This disability generally involves some sort of paralysis, which can place profound limitations on an individual’s ability to carry on day-to-day. Fortunately, though, there is life after a spinal cord injury, and many victims find that they can still live full, happy lives.

While one challenge faced by spinal cord injury victims is paying off extensive medical expenses that arise from the initial care of their injury, rehabilitation costs can also be quite extensive. Whereas medical treatment seeks to stabilize the spinal cord, rehabilitation focuses on preventing complications related to the injury from arising. This may involve rebuilding control over bladder and bowel functions, as well as increasing flexibility and building strength and endurance to maximize mobility.

This process often involves relearning how to carry out daily activities, too, which can be challenging if certain muscle groups can no longer be utilized on account of the spinal cord injury. Cooking, cleaning, and grooming one’s self can all become difficult after a spinal cord injury, but rehabilitation can help victims develop comfort in their new processes for accomplishing these tasks.

Rehabilitation isn’t just physical in nature, though. It can also help a spinal cord injury victim deal with the whirlwind of emotions that often accompany this condition. This can help relieve stress, provide hope, and build confidence in life post-injury.

Of course, because the rehabilitation process can be in-depth and lengthy, it can be quite costly. Most spinal cord injury victims struggle to afford the care they truly need, which is why they should carefully consider if a personal injury lawsuit is justified. If liability can be successfully imposed on a negligent driver, then compensation may be recoverable to help offset costs and better ensure as full of a recovery as possible under the circumstances.


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